Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Update - 14 weeks!

Well, I hit the second trimester yesterday! I honestly don't think any of it has sunk in. I don't really *feel* pregnant at all! Yes, I'm tired constantly. Yes, my hips hurt when I sleep (even with a pillow between my knees). Yes, I run out of breath when I talk and walk at the same time. Yes, I've been hormonal and snappy. I think my lack of morning sickness may be to blame. I'm really hoping that once I can see/feel the baby move (on the ultrasound or feeling on my belly), it'll feel REAL.

The nursery is mostly set up! We still need a bookshelf, mattress, changing pad, and to find out the gender so we can finish the last touches. I know it's early.. but I like to be prepared! Here's the crib & changing table that Ron's mom bought us. Each only took Ron 30 minutes to put together :).

Tonight we are going to KidsTown, it's a consignment sale that is going on this week only. We signed up for the "first time parents presale" that starts at 6:30p tonight. We still need some bigger items like a pack-n-play and swing. I'm sure I'll discover a thousand other things that I MUST have. I've never been before, so I'm hoping that since it's a consignment sale, everything will be inexpensive.

So far, everything has been very overwhelming. There is just SO MUCH to consider. So much that I don't even know that I need to be considering! The first trimester absolutely flew by. I do wish that I could feel the baby already, but I am not wanting to wish any of this time away. There will be PLENTY of time later to wish I was still pregnant and not waking up at 1-3-5am for feedings and complaining because the baby just won't go back to sleep, and all I want to do is just.. close my eyes.. Yep, I'm ready :D.