Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Welcome to LeBonheur!

Katie is all moved in at LeBonheur! I was a bit nervous about the actual moving process, but the Pedi-Flite team (After hearing the name of the transport team, I had to ask whether she was being flown.. but that's just the name. She was moved via ambulance.) made everything seamless. The carrier she was on looks a bit scary, but it had all the machines on it that she was hooked up to, so she never had to be without any of it.

If you've never been to LeBonheur before, it's a maze! From parking to walking onto her floor, I take 3 elevators and go through 4 buildings. They have helpful stickers on the floor to tell you how to get to the children's hospital, which I was thankful for.

Once they got her moved, and while she was getting used to her new room/hooked up to her machines, I was shown around the floor (where the restrooms, showers, lactation rooms, etc were located) and introduced to her doctors and nurses. They let me know that as long as I'm making Katie food, I get meal cards. Her room has two convertible chairs so we can sleep in the room. We can have drinks in the room, but no food. There's a family room where we can eat our meals if we choose to stay at the hospital for any time.

Katie's room at LeBonheur
Now, for some news! They moved her back to the ventilator. When I called this morning, they had her on 25% oxygen, and 30 breaths per minute. She was breathing over the machine at around 60 breaths. Also, on Monday, they were able to get a smaller tube down into her stomach! They put a couple puffs of air into her stomach, and are X-raying periodically to see if it passes. The first puff disappeared overnight, and they're currently tracking the second puff.

Once they make sure that the puffs of air are making their way through her system, they can start to feed her. Which will be great news, not only for her growing body, but also for our quickly diminishing freezer space!

Mom has been asking for pictures of Katie's feet, so Mom, these pics are for you:

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  1. I pray for you guys everyday. Hope things keep progressing!