Friday, May 25, 2012

"Threatened Miscarriage"

I went in for an ultrasound and appointment around 1:30pm yesterday, Thursday, May 24. Unfortunately Ron wasn't able to go with me, since the appointment slot opened up so quickly and he couldn't get off work. Everything went great, and I heard the heartbeat! 123 bpm :).

About 4 hours after my ultrasound, I started bleeding. Google said that unless I was bleeding through a pad an hour, I was okay.  I got in the shower around 8. When I was cleaning myself out, I found two blobs of dark tissue. That's when I told Ron that I wanted to go to the ER.

We finally get home around 3am after getting 7 vials of blood taken and a very uncomfortable u/s showing a hb at 124bpm (so reassuring!). Of course, I hadn't taken my daily meds yet because I usually take them immediately before I lay down. So I took them when I got home.. big mistake! Empty stomach + multivitamin = very sick pregnant Angel. First puking of the pregnancy!

Made a follow up appointment at my ob's office this morning, did another u/s (Ron got to hear the hb this time! 128 bpm). The doctor (not MY doctor, because he's not at my office on Fridays..) let us know that the placenta had detached a bit (5mm) from my uterus. It wasn't caused by anything, it just happens. He said I still have some blood in my cervix that will come out and probably another clot, but everything inside seems fine. Unless I have a LOT of blood and a LOT of pain, I'm not having a miscarriage.

He wrote it up as a "threatened miscarriage" and told me to just be normal.

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