Thursday, December 27, 2012


Katie has officially hit 5 pounds!

She is still at 36ml every 3 hours, but they have reduced the duration of the feed to over the course of 1 hour. They have been coming every so often to try her on a bottle, but she doesn't quite know what to do with it yet. Once she masters the bottle, then there is no time until she is at home. Terrifying.

She is still maintaining her temperature in the crib.

When I visited her yesterday, she was satting around 95.. with the cannula on top of her nose :
I held her for a little bit yesterday, until she got fussy, turned red, and pooped. I unswaddled her, changed her diaper, and tried swaddling her back up.. and she yelled at me. So I just let her lay unswaddled for a bit. I turned on her mobile, and she was transfixed:

Katie got a visit from SANTA! Not the most flattering picture of Katie, but it's still a great memory :). 

Quite possibly my new favorite thing ever.

The Grandmas got to get some snuggle time in, too!

Grandma King holding Katie

Grandma Stowe holding Katie

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