Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Update (with pics.. and video!)

Katie is doing great! She is up to 1640 grams (3 pounds, 9 ounces). She has TRIPLED her birth weight!!

She is currently sitting at anywhere from 21-23% oxygen. Her nasal cannula is set at 3.5 liters (the amount of air that is being pushed through the prongs).

Wearing one of the hats Miss Julie made her!
Over the weekend, the NICU had a small outbreak of the flu. Knowing that Ron and I had been sick, they had put her on isolation and raised her liters back to 4 (she had just been at 3.5) so, if she was sick, she wouldn't have to struggle to breathe and could concentrate on healing. All her tests came back clean for any kind of sickness.. no flu or RSV, so they removed the isolation and lowered her settings back down.
Snuggling with her "frog"
In addition to that situation, she had a small fever, elevated heart rate, and a slightly distended belly on Saturday. They started an IV and gave her some antibiotics, some anti-flu medicines (just in case!), stopped her feeds and started TPN & lipids. They watched her for a day to make sure that the distension went down and she didn't have any residuals in her belly from her intestines not working correctly. Everything was fine, so they started her feeds back up yesterday. They have to wean her off the TPN & lipids (can't just quit cold turkey!), so she's only at 10ml/3hrs of milk right now. That'll go up every day until she gets back where she was.

Big yawn!
 Here's a video of her enjoying her pacifier:


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  1. She is so sleepy she can't keep the sucker in her mouth...