Friday, January 18, 2013

5 in a Row..

Sorry for the late update :).

Katie is doing great! She is up to 6 pounds, 11 ounces. Insane. She's the size of a full term newborn! She moved up to newborn size diapers about a week ago. I'll need to take a picture of her first diapers compared to the newborn ones. Someone remind me!

Yesterday, they increased her feeds from 53ml to 56ml every 3 hours.

The only thing keeping her from being home is mastering the bottle.

Right now she is taking 6 of her 8 feeds a day by bottle (the other two are being given through her NG tube). Anything she doesn't take from the bottle feed is given through her tube as well. As of 11am, she has taken all of her last FIVE bottles! If she keeps this up, they will start giving her a bottle every feeding and remove the tube.

Once she is on all 8 feeds a day by bottle, she has to go a week without any Brady/desats. Then she can come home.

Once she is on all bottle feeds, any time she has a Brady/desat, it will push her back another week. She has to MASTER taking a bottle before they'll send her home.

That means.. with each bottle she takes completely, without any brady/desat, she is potentially 7 days from coming home. Terrifying.

Ron and I have both been sick this week. I've seen her for 20 minutes (on Tuesday, before the weather got really bad, and before we realized we were sick!) since Sunday. I miss her so much, but I'd rather be missing her than making her get sick.

Here's a bunch of pics I have had stored on my phone since the last update!

Half asleep.. you want me to EAT?!

Miss Katie Rufflebutt :P


Something was funny :D

Peacefully sleeping after taking half a bottle.. it's hard work!

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