Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"Look what I can do!!"

5 pounds, 8.5 ounces. Feeds bumped up to 44ml. And now, they're being given by bottle.

Speech could only get her to take 8ml at 11:00a. They then put in orders saying the nurses should give her bottle feeds for every feeding. Anything she doesn't take will be given to her via her NG tube. The nurse got her to eat 20ml at her 2:00p feeding.

I was there for her 5:00p. And loved EVERY minute of it!

Before her feed (sleepy.. "leave me alone"):

Once I told her she was getting a bottle (it's dark, but you can see her smiling!):

Not the best picture of me, but still:

Be sure to change the quality to 1080 HD :).

She took THE WHOLE THING. Not a drop left in the bottle. I got 3 man-sized burps out of her, then she was out like a light:

She needs to consistently take all her feeds for two days until they will remove her NG tube. After that, I recall someone (don't take my word for it, we'll need to get that verified by a doctor!) saying two weeks of bottle-only feeds (while tolerating the feeds and gaining weight).. and she's home.

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