Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Update.. with pics!

Sorry for the lack of updates.. We've been busy, and doing great :). Three doctors appointments so far. Another tomorrow. Another on Friday.

She had been pretty gassy a few nights back. Non-stop crying.. broke my heart. I knew there was something causing her pain, but no idea how to fix it. A quick call to her pediatrician the next morning, and we were advised to give her 1ml of Mylanta 4 times a day. WORKED LIKE A CHARM. We decided after two days to try and see, maybe, if it was just a temporary gas issue. Nope. A couple more hours of solid crying yesterday and we were scrambling for the Mylanta. Her next pediatrician appointment is next week, so we'll definitely see if there's something else we can do to help her.

She had her first session of physical therapy. She passed with flying colors. The therapist said she wanted her back in a month, just to make sure she's still on track. She gave us a lot of information and resources that I'm excited to use!

In related news.. she rolled over for the first time today! She rolled from her stomach to her back. I had been videotaping her (she was doing a lot of rocking during tummy time and I didn't want to miss it!), and she had gotten really upset. I calmed her down, put her back on her belly, and reached for my phone to start recording again.. when she rolled over. After a few minutes of overexcited praise, I rolled her back to her stomach and immediately started recording. Of course, the only thing she does is scoot and cry. We did that for 10 minutes before she decided she was pooped and fell asleep. We'll try again tomorrow!

Okay, enough with the update. Here's a bunch of pictures.

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